Blogs are often overlooked as unnecessary, time consuming, or an eCommerce fashion fad, but actually, including an up to date blog on your website is an extremely effective way of optimizing your search engine prowess, as well as providing powerful brand reinforcement.

On top of their SEO benefits, blogs are an exceptional way of selling your product at a relatively low cost to your business or organisation. In short, every website needs one.

Our Blog Development service includes the facility to have your blogs written for you, on a time scale that best suits your business needs. This can vary from daily, weekly, fortnightly, to monthly posts. We would suggest that you go no longer than a month between blog posts, as this can actually have a negative impact on your website. The more frequent the posts, the better.

Our Blog Development service takes care of every aspect of your website’s blog management, all you are left to do is come up with a topic for the blog, and our skilled copy writers will do all the hard work. In short of that, our consultants can even provide guidance over what topics will most effectively maximize the search engine optimization of your website.


Blog set up £295

Blog management £495/month