We are particularly proud of our website building service for the freedom, flexibility and ownership that it provides our customers. A lot of web developers build websites that trap their customers into a lifetime of service chargers. We, on the other hand, believe that it is important for our customers to have ultimate freedom with their websites, in order for it to be an optimal aspect of their overall business. A website should never be a drain on company funds, it should only seek to maximize company profitability.

We build websites that you will own the full rights to, that you will be able to host yourself, alter and update yourself, and choose the most cost effective server yourself; you will never be tied into any exuberant maintenance fees. All of our websites can be fully managed and controlled by our customers, if they wish to do so.

Of course if you prefer, we can take on the responsibility of hosting your website on our secure state of the art servers.

We specialize in brand and eCommerce websites, so when we build your website, you can be sure that SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is high on our list of priorities. Please see our other pages for full information on what this entails.

Our website builds take around 3-4 weeks to completion and we deliver in three stages;

  1. Design – We work purely on the aesthetics of the website until you are happy.
  2.  Build – We construct the website using state of the art code.
  3.  Launch – Website goes live only when you are ready.


Please contact us for an accurate quote. We can supply basic brand websites to full eCommerce solutions.